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Welcome to the Hoke McNeal Foundation!

Foundation Mission Statement

We are a citizen-led and operated non-profit catalyst organized for the purpose of enhancing academic excellence in Hoke McNeal Academy graduates and early education academy in the Decatur and Ellenwood schools. We are an integral part of our communities that connects student achievement with corporate and private sector funds.

We raise private funds to support teaching and learning through gifts and grants to implement innovative ideas that will enhance the lives of children who attend early educational schools in the Towns of Ellenwood and Decatur.

Our gifts and grants enhance the educational experience, promote academic excellence and provide the future leaders in our community with the best opportunities for success.

Goals of the HMA Scholarship Program

To support creative and innovative curricular development that is beyond the scope of the typical school budget. Creative ideas can be ones that reflect alternative approaches to typical instruction.

Our Purpose

What is the Hoke McNeal Foundation Inc.?
The Hoke McNeal Foundation is an independent, 501(c)(3) charitable organization, committed to fostering educational and musical excellence in the lives of those who wish to attend or are alumni of Hoke McNeal Academy Decatur or Ellenwood Georgia areas. The Foundation provides private financial support for exemplary educational projects and programs that benefit the students and educators in Decatur or Ellenwood academies.

Why was the Foundation formed?
Very simply, to make a difference. The Foundation was created to assure that, despite budgetary shrinkage, the pursuit of educational and musical excellence would continue through innovative projects and programming.

Who runs the Hoke McNeal Foundation?
The Foundation is directed by a board of volunteers, throughout Atlanta Area who are committed to the pursuit of educational and musical excellence throughout the HMA legacy. The board consists of individuals who bring with them a wide variety of skills and professional expertise - parents, business people, accountants, dedicated citizens and professional educators.

How to Support the Hoke McNeal Foundation

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Our Funding

How does the Hoke McNeal Foundation raise funds?
Funds are raised through individual donations, corporate sponsorships, occasional fund raising events, and grants received.

How are funds distributed?
Funds are distributed primarily through grant applications received from current and former families, teachers within the academy and the board scholarship program, and specific designations from donors.

How does the Foundation make a difference?
Foundation grants, large or small, foster innovative programming that better prepares students for the future by strengthening academics, enhancing technology, providing updated material support, and bolstering skilled instructional techniques.

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